• Registration/Application
    1. All those who wish to be considered for a 2019 Vanuatu Government Scholarship must REGISTER online

    2. This includes those who are Current Yr12 (Australia)/Yr13/ Baccalauréat students studying in any other country (e.g. Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, New Zealand, New Caledonia) who wish to be considered for a Vanuatu Government Scholarship in 2019.

    3. After you have Registered you will be guided to all the other information you must provide for your application. The application information you need to submit will differ depending on the category you fall under.

    4. NO paper based applications will be accepted

  • When do Registration/Applications Open and Close?
    1. Registration/Applications OPEN - Monday September 3rd 2018

    2. Registration/Applications CLOSE - Friday 28th September 2018 at 05.00pm.

    The online registration/application system WILL NOT accept any applications beyond this time.

    Please register and submit your application in plenty of time before the closing date. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE LAST FEW DAYS!

    TSCU takes no responsibility for you being unable to submit your application on time, due to heavy system demand.

  • Application Fee

    There is no fee to submit a Vanuatu Government Scholarship 2019 application

  • 2019 Vanuatu Government Scholarship Priority Framework

    Vanuatu Government Scholarships provide the key means for the Government to build the human resources the nation needs in order to achieve our development goals across our Society, Environment, and Economy pillars. As such all scholarships awarded must be directly linked to the Vanuatu Government Scholarship Priority Framework.

    Please make sure you have carefully read the Scholarship Priority Framework.

    Aviation-related Training in 2019

    The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) is currently in the process of working with the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu (CAAV) and other aviation-related sector partners to develop a long term sustainable strategy to meet aviation sector workforce needs in Vanuatu. For this reason, no applications for pilot or aircraft engineering training will be taken in this application round.

  • Where can I apply to study?

    Vanuatu Government Scholarships provide funding to study at regional institutions. This excludes New Zealand and Australia. Should you wish to study in New Zealand or Australia, you must apply directly to NZAID and Australia Awards. It should be noted that NZAID and Australia Awards also provide scholarships to regional institutions.

  • Program/Sponsor Specific Information

    Some institutions and programs of study have specific application requirements. The following may be of particular interest.

    • Applications for entry to all Health Science programs at Fiji National University (College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences) close 30th November. Anyone interested in undertaking a health science program at FNU must submit a program application directly to FNU by November 30th.

    • Applications for entry to institutions in Papua New Guinea have early closing dates. For example entry to the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and Papua New Guinea University of Technology undergraduate degrees close in July of each year. Applications for entry to UPNG postgraduate degrees close 30th September. Anyone wishing to undertake a degree at these institutions must have met these application requirements.

    • All those wishing to be considered for 2019 Vanuatu Government Scholarship must carefully research their intended program of study to ensure they are familiar with all admission and entry requirements. A scholarship cannot be awarded if you do not meet the entry requirements for your proposed program of study at the institution you intend to study at (including having submitted a program application by the required due date).

    • Please make sure you have checked relevant institution handbooks/calendars BEFORE to submitting your application.

  • What documents am I likely to need?

    The documents you need to upload in support of your application vary. The range of documents you may need includes:

    • Official academic transcript/results. Note: if you are a Year 13/DAEU/ Baccalauréat student in 2018 we will have your 2018 results sent directly to us.

    • My Program Requirements (for those enrolled in USP).

    • Outline of research intent (Master and PhD Research only). See Postgraduate Study for more details.

    • Letter of support from employer (Director-General, Chief Executive, Principal) (if applicable)

    • Applicants who come under the authority of the Public Service Commission (PSC); Teaching Service Commission (TSC); or Police Service Commission, must meet all Commission requirements. This includes PSC Form 5-2 Training Approval form; and approval from Head of Department, and the Teaching Service Commission/Police Service Commission.

    • Those wishing to have their application considered under the Provincial Skills Development category must have a letter of support from their Province Secretary-General. See Provincial Skills Development for more details.

    Note: Copies of Birth Certificate and Passport are only required if you are shortlisted for a scholarship. If you are shortlisted, and are to study at an overseas institution, your passport must have at least six (6) months before its expiry date.

    Please attach ONLY those documents as requested on the online form

  • Where can I get help?

    If, after carefully reading all information in these pages, you still need help, please contact the Training & Scholarships Coordination Unit (TSCU).

    Tel: (678) 33495(TSCU) / 33500 (MoET)

    Government VOIP No. 4466 (TSCU) or 4464 (MoET)

    Contact Us with your enquiry via the webpage